About Francesca

Francesca Salisbury is an English painter. Born in Derbyshire 1989 shehas worked in Brighton and Barcelona.

Artist Statement

With a flirtatious playfulness Francesca Salisbury explores the themes of sex, seduction, desire, romance, hedonism and beauty. Her erotic paintings suggest figures within landscapes seductively wrapped around one another.

Salisbury has been inspired by 18th century painters such as Boucher and Fragonard. Her paintings incorporate a romantic palette popularized in their works of art. Salisbury transforms this style within her paintings by translating sexual nudity into paint through her use of slippery and tactile oils.

This action of removing the image evokes the curiosity of our sexual imaginations, making the paintings become more personally explicit.

Salisbury challenges our sexual overtness by hiding the sexual image but also allowing the perversity of our imaginations to come through without judgement. Her paintings become personal to each viewer, allowing the beauty of seduction to take hold.